Kathy Keating

Kathy Keating

I’m a detail-oriented writer, editor, and designer, and I strive to fill the internet with beautiful, functional websites and well-written content. Throughout my career, I’ve developed a number of skills to help me achieve this goal—from working with various content management systems (CMSs), to basic search engine optimization (SEO), to learning to use Adobe’s Creative Suite.

I began my career as a newspaper reporter, and I’ve since worked as an editor, a media and public relations manager, a website content manager, and a technology consultant. I have more than 15 years of experience writing and editing in a variety of styles, and I’ve acquired a keen eye for spelling and grammar. I’ve also supplemented my passion for technology and innovative design with additional education and professional training programs.

I completed a graduate degree in graphic and website design in 2010, and I’ve since expanded my business to include design work. I now offer my clients a variety of services including:

  • writing web content, blog posts, and social media posts;
  • editing online text and email newsletters;
  • designing websites, corporate stationery, and other printed materials; and
  • building websites supported by easy-to-use CMSs.

I begin all of my projects by learning as much as I can about my clients’ needs and their businesses. For writing work, this typically includes researching online, reading scholarly journal articles, and interviewing experts. Then I take the information I’ve gathered and use it to create clear, compelling content. For editing assignments, I carefully scrutinize the spelling, grammar, and flow of a written piece, improving the text wherever possible while still maintaining the overall message and tone of voice of the original author.

I write and edit using the Associated Press, Chicago, and Oxford English-language style guides; however, I’m happy to use other guides when necessary. I design using Adobe’s Creative Suite applications, and I develop websites supported by intuitive CMSs such as WordPress, Blocks, and Umbraco (by Thomson Reuters).

For website and graphic design projects, I interview my clients and their staff to gain a clear understanding of their history, mission, services, and atmosphere. I then work closely with them to design websites and/or printed materials that accurately reflect their vision and philosophy to their audience.

I’m currently based in Melbourne, Australia, where I’ve lived for more than five years. My native language is English, and I have a basic proficiency in both Dutch and French. For a detailed description of my education and professional experience, please take a look at my profile on LinkedIn. And if you’d like to get in touch with me regarding a project, or even just to say hello, please Contact me.